Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mommy, WOW, I'm a big kid now!

Yes, that is the jingle from the ad for Pull-ups. To potty train, or not to potty train; that is the question. I had been adamant with my husband that I would not potty train H until after the baby is born in May. I have many reasons for it, the most important being I don't feel like he's physically ready.

However, he has gotten out of his bath twice now to pee in the potty, and has been taking off his poo-filled diaper in his bedroom without telling me...luckily, I'm not a complete moron and can tell when he doesn't have a diaper on. At the rate he's going, it's only a matter of time before he gets giardia or something else disgusting from coming into contact with his own fecal matter...awesome. My latest task is having him tell me when he needs a new diaper, although usually my nose tells me before he's willing to admit it.

On a totally different note, my parents sent me a huge stuffed elephant that I loved as a child so that I could pass the love onto H. He flipped out when I got it out of the box and said "I cared, mommy, I cared, elephant back in the box!" Sweet, yet another example of my collosal misjudgment regarding what my kid will think is the best thing since sliced bread. By the end of the night, he was carrying it around and loving it, but I must say, I was pretty sad that he didn't immediately shriek with delight since I'd been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 3 foot tall stuffed beast for days. He normally loves anything with elephants, so I thought he'd be thrilled.

Lastly, I've been plugging along with the Christmas crafts and it looks like I may be successful after all! I finished ALL of my holiday shopping, and am ready to start wrapping and shipping!

For those who check-in regularly, sorry it took so long to post again. I've decided to set a regular schedule so that I post at least 4 times a week...I'm sure you'll be waiting with bated breath for the next installment. Until then...

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