Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making a Point

In starting some of my Christmas gifts this year, I realized I needed a set of size 13 double-pointed needles and wouldn't you know, they don't sell them at the majority of the outlets where I usually purchase my supplies.

I turned to my trusty friend, the Internet and googled the term "size 13 dpns" and stumbled upon a woman asking the same question . At the end of the thread, she was proudly displaying the needles she made on her own after viewing a site with knitting tips and videos. Uhhhh, Como? Apparently, all you need is your sizing tool and a trip to the hardware store.

By purchasing wooden dowels and using a pencil sharpener or pocket knife to make the points and sand-paper to smooth down the points and shaft, you'll not only have custom needles just the way you like 'em, you can also save a boat-load of money!

I'm a big fan of the Clover Bamboo needles, but they were $8.75, plus an additional $6.25 for the set because of the size, so I'll be an even bigger fan of Home Depot from now on.

To check out the video tutorial for this, and other knitting questions, you can go to The video for the diy needles is the last on the page.

Just a little aside, in my 8th grade-level maturity mode, when she was demonstrating 'sanding the shaft' I went other places...I. know. Hey, at least I'm honest...will you be?

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