Saturday, September 5, 2009

How Do You Like Them Cookies?

I keep putting off this post, not because I don't want to write it, but because I keep having 'just one more thing' to add. The first time I saw a cookie from Wicked Good, it was when my friend Michele won a photography contest and part of the prize was her picture made into photo cookies by Wicked Good Cookies. It was leaning against her counter and I thought it was a tile because it was so precise and clean. She was so happy with the results that she took the stamped image for her daughter's birthday invitation and they printed it onto cookies that she used for party favors.

That was the best idea! No more bags of kitschy crap for the parents to toss when they get home, just delicious sugar cookies. Oh, did I mention that they not only look good, but they taste good as well? I don't know about you, but I really like sugar cookies and am usually disappointed when I bite into one to find that they're either hard, stale, or just don't taste good. I guess they didn't name themselves Wicked Good for naught.

I told another friend about the party favor, and she thought it was grand as well, and did it for her son's birthday party. (Really, it's just a ploy by me to score more sugar cookies but no harm, no foul, right?!)

That was at the beginning of the summer, and before I knew it, it was August and H's fourth birthday party was looming. I was going to be supermom and do it all myself. I had planned to make several different shapes of sugar cookies, frost them, and put them in cute decorative bags for the favors. This was in addition to making cupcakes and arranging and frosting them into the shape of a cow since we were having the party at Davis Farmland. Are you laughing yet? Have you seen the counter space that I have? There is NO WAY that I'd be able to leave the cookies overnight to let the icing harden enough to package them. It would have been a sad mess of unrecognizable sugar blobs in a plastic bag. I can just see the frozen smiles on the parent's faces; Thanks! Thanks for the great party favor! So glad we could make it!

Then providence shone upon me. Boston Mamas was smack in the middle of celebrating their third birthday and had a giveaway for two dozen photo cookies from Wicked Good and I won! I never win, so this was a huge coup!

Oh, did I mention this was two days from H's party that I won? The message from Boston Mamas clearly said that the folks at Wicked Good would contact me, but of course I contacted them first. Because I'm cool like that. I half-joking (not really) asked if they'd be able to whip those cookies out in a couple days in time to use them as party favors.

You know what? They contacted me back the same day graciously saying no problemo, and they were even going to ship them to me! Since Wicked Good is conveniently located between my house and Davis Farmland on Route 140 in Boylston, I asked if I could pick them up on the way...I wanted to lessen the chance that they'd get smashed, eaten or otherwise ruined before the party.

It was the easiest party I've ever done. I loaded up the cupcakes (in the carrier, not in the shape of a cow), picked up the pizzas from Monti's in Northboro then headed up 140 to Wicked Good. The cookies looked fabulous! They were wrapped and tied with ribbon; all I had to do was hand them out! They are reasonably priced, and the customer service is excellent.

I was all ready to do a post, but then I remembered that they have a cookie clubhouse where you can bring the kids in to decorate and bake their own creations. I mentioned it to one of my mama friends and she said "Duh! We're going in just a couple weeks!" Sure enough, it was on my I knew I had to wait to post.

Ridiculously reasonably priced at $12.95/batch (or slab o' dough), the sugar-me-silly option allows kids to roll-out dough, cut out their own cookies with tons of cookie cutter options, and then go to town with colored sugar (exponentially less messy than frosting). While you're waiting for the cookies to bake, they each get to decorate their own bakery boxes. (The photo shown is about half the number of cookies he was able to make.)

The staff was really friendly, and each detail is well thought out, so that there isn't a lot of lag time for shenanigans with silly chillins. They kept about twenty kids entertained and busy for almost 2 hours...enough said.

Right now, they're running a great back to school special, where you get a free dozen gourmet cookies with any Back-to-School Gift purchase (use code BTS). What a fun way to ring in the new school year! I highly encourage you to drop in a decorate some cookies, or buy them pre-made for your next event. They have a huge range of designs or you can use a photo of your own. Perhaps most importantly, in a time of economic turmoil that is hard on small businesses, you're supporting a family-run local business...that's Wicked Good of you.


Crafty Mama said...

Will's 3rd bday is next month and I am SOOOOO going to check this place out. Thanks for the recommendation!

Sally HP said...

Make sure you tell 'em you saw it here :)

Mommy to Tyler & Kendall said...

Love the post, thanks for mentioning me. I'm not sure what link you put in but it didn't seem to work when I clicked on it. Was it.