Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Charlie is his mother's child through and through. In the car, if he's crying and has shoes and socks on, I can almost guarantee you that the crying will cease as soon as socks and shoes are removed. He loves to let his 'piggies' breathe!

Knowing this about him, I didn't think twice about him wanting to take him shoes off at the playground. Even though walking barefoot on wood chips isn't exactly my idea of fun, I indulged him. That is, until I realized that the reason he keeps wanting to take off this pair (and several others that fit H well after his second birthday) is that they are too small. Not jam-your-feet-in small, but just small enough to be uncomfortable. Apparently they've been that way for about a month because Alex commented that she'd told J about it when she watched the kids for us during my trek to the double Walla to pick out my beloved bamboo floors. Thanks for passing on the message, J.

I felt like mother of the year, so busy to just get out the door that I didn't realize that he was hobbling along in too-small shoes.

I had ordered the kids' crocs for the season (with a coupon for $10 off each pair!) but was then sorely disappointed that Charlie appears to be right between sizes. I remembered that my friend had given me a pair of croc-like Airwalks at Charlie's shower, and I was actually able to remember where I'd put them! Perfect fit.

'Luckily', because we are heathens and don't really attend church, the boys really only need about 2 pairs of shoes for each season; boots and sneakers for winter, sandals and sneakers for summer and spring. I was about to break down and head to Stride Rite for his monstrously wide feet when, today, I got my email from Robeez, which announced they now have an eco-friendly line. Starting at 21.99, which means they're not even more expensive than their regular line! I love the Surfin' Turtle shoe for walkers.

Oh darn, you know how I hate shoe shopping!

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