Friday, August 13, 2010

Locked and Loaded

I haven't picked up a set of needles since we moved and I'm itching to do something with my fingers other than fold laundry, push a swiffer around the floor and unwrap newspaper from knick-knacks and picture frames.

I'm just finishing (finally, finally) the two Newsboy caps I made for my friend Michele, which I'm sure she was wondering if she was ever truly going to get, and saw in my in-box a message from Knitting Daily entitled Enter into Entrelac. Entrelac is a knitting technique that looks as if several pieces have been seamed together to create a basket weave effect, when it was actually created by a single strand (or a few different colors) that have been picked up and knitted from the prior row. There's a baby blanket pattern I've been intrigued by each time I get the Lion Brand catalogue, but I wasn't sure how ready I was to bite that one off.

Luckily, the folks at Knitting Daily not only provided a simple scarf pattern, but also a great video tutorial. After a quick ravelry search, however, I fell in love with the luscious color and look of this entrelac scarf by Allison (pictured above) of Freckles and Purls. Maybe this will inspire you to try a new technique!


Crafty Mama said...

I got the same email and thanks for clearing up what "entrelac" is! That scarf is gorgeous!

As for new techniques, I never thought I'd be into lace but I am making a scarf (for me!!!) and I'm loving it! Plus this is the first time I've worked with something besides worsted weight yarn.

Annnndddd.....I requested a book about making basic cables from the library. After two years of knitting, it's finally the "time" to try a cable. :) Look at me, evolving!

Sally HP said...

Hey Crafty Mama ;)

Cables are SOOOOO easy. Once you do the first one, you're going to think to yourself; 'Really? That's it?' I LOVE knitting lace! You should try that lace cape I blogged about last year. SO easy, quick and really pretty.