Friday, February 21, 2014

Let's Go Fly An...Umbrella?

With the boys getting older, I've had to get more selective about the things that I blog about, taking into consideration that which may embarrass them. It took a couple days for H to find the humor in this one, but he's on board now. It may end up being one of those 'you had to be there' things, but it's a slice of our life so here you go.

When the kids piled out of the car last week after getting home from school, they grabbed their umbrellas from the garage and proclaimed today the perfect day to have umbrellas outside. I recalled the drive home in hard rain with wicked wind and disagreed. However, they were not to be swayed.

I snapped a few photos of the windy fun, and then went inside.

Approximately two minutes later, H ran inside laughing saying his umbrella was 'inside out'. I glanced at it and said 'Yeah, it's broken.' I started laughing at that point, and the exchange went something like this? 'It's broken?!' 'Yes.' 'Really, Really broken?!' 'Yes.' With each disbelieving question, I asserted and began to laugh harder (while snapping pictures because, well, why not?) because it was clearly mangled.

It looked something like this:



I broke it?!

Maybe it's just inoperable for a moment?!

Understandably, he was not stoked to pose with it. Charlie to the rescue.

And then, Mama to the rescue.

All's well that ends well. And why yes, that is a polar bear in his pocket. How else does one transport their stuffy friends?

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