Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Brother Is Watching...

And I don't mean the gub'ment. Yesterday some friends threw a shower for C and I, and I received tons of great loot!

When I got home, I put all the bags in a corner so I could dash off to watch Baby Mama with my mom's group. (Contrary to critical review, I thought it was pretty enjoyable, and would probably watch it again.)

I knew that I would need to sort and put away all contents before going to bed that night, but didn't have time to do so immediately. By the time I'd come out from changing into different pants, the pillage was in full swing. A couple of the gifts really were for him, like the Big Brother shirt a friend embroidered for him, so I thought that this might appease, I have a LOT to learn about having multiple children! Even the 0-3 month bib and bucket hat outfit seemed to be calling his name.

I had decided before even going to this shower that I didn't care if H laid claim to toys that were given to C at this point, because C doesn't care. Also, I'm hoping that placating him with a few of the toys will enable him leave the bouncy chair and other baby gear alone. I've been careful to point out that C is 'sharing' his toys with H, just like H will be expected to share with C. I'm sure this is all sinking in as much as my attempt at talking to H about breastfeeding.

During our swimming lessons, H was excited to point out in the changing room each time "Those are your boobs!" (Yes, I'm the mom that uses incorrect anatomy terms...sue me) I thought that it might be a good opening to talk about the fact that C will not eat normal food, but will be nursing while he's still little. This is how my very logical and well-thought-out dissertation (read: spur of the moment horrible explanation) was interpreted by his two year-old mind... "C eats my boobs?!" Great. Yeah, maybe some things are better left to a Q & A session after observation.

**As a sidenote, I saw my first official Sex and the City: The Movie preview (aside from the blippy trailer on YouTube), and I am committed to seeing that movie, even if I am in labor. Either that, or C's first theater experience will be with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha...I know, I know, I really shouldn't have him go to something like that in the beginning, it will set the bar WAY too high for his future visits to the big screen!

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