Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Work In Progress

As I was looking at a plethora of MSNBC's articles about the polls and last night's debate, I came across a couple that were particularly interesting. Steve Tuttle's It's Just a Flesh Wound examined what may be behind the thinking of the 10% of Americans who report they are currently satisfied with the direction of the country.

Regarding the current economic crisis, he states "Maybe the people who are satisfied just can't admit to what's happening. Seriously, who could have predicted that giving out loans like Halloween candy to people with mini-salaries to buy mini-mansions—who then used their home equity to buy gas-guzzling Hummers—would ever backfire?"
The fact-checking article on MSNBC examined McCain's plan to alleviate the mortgage crisis:
"McCAIN: "Now, we have allocated $750 billion. Let's take 300 of that billion and go in and buy those home loan mortgages and negotiate with those people in their homes, 11 million homes or more, so that they can afford to pay the mortgage, stay in their home."
THE FACTS: Ordering the government to buy up bad mortgages to cut homeowners' monthly payments might sound good, but experts are skeptical. They say the plan McCain is promoting is unlikely to solve the housing crisis that's pushing the economy toward recession. One big problem: The vast majority of the toxic home loans that are clogging financial markets and freezing up credit have been repackaged into complex investments that the government would be hard-pressed to unravel and buy. And the government could end up paying far more than they would ever be worth. That could primarily help banks and lenders with taxpayer money.
— The Associated Press "

When J and I were getting ready to make the trek east, we wanted to buy a home, so began the application process for a loan. The amount for which we were pre-approved was much higher than the amount for which we knew we could comfortable make the monthly payments, so we didn't even look at that end of the spectrum of houses. Alas, we didn't find a house in our 'range' so are living in apartment-land, but we're okay with that if it means that we'll have a house to live in through the duration of our stay here.

I was also looking at the fact check from last night's debate, as I was so annoyed when I finished watching it that I immediately called my parents to ensure that my dear old dad wasn't losing his mind and supporting McCain...I was assured that he is not. I wonder how many messages from new clients old Joe the Plumber has this morning?

I am constantly reminded that our lives, like this country, are a work in progress. Much like a crazy quilt, or something knit from stash yarns, you have to constantly re-examine the materials that you have on-hand. How will the fibers work together? Do you need to increase the tension to make it all stronger or loosen up a little to have the desired effect? Do you need to invest in some new yarn to make it all work? The last material you used will help dictate the next.

In the end, after all your hard work and consideration, it would be really sad to end up with the ugly sweater that nobody wants to wear.


Crafty Mama said...

Well said.

Sherri said...

My sister is wicked politically astute!

Alex Elliot said...

Wow! I like your ending.