Saturday, January 31, 2009

Be Mine, Valentine

Last night I went to a "Pizza Crop" night at a local scrapbooking store with some of my girlfriends. Since I can't even pretend that I'm organized enough to gather stuff for my quasi-scrapbook, I decided I'd make Valentine's instead. I had purchased the book Originals through my friend's business, so I popped the disc in for the first time, printed off some envelope templates and picked a couple cards I wanted to try.

When I was done making the smaller cards, I did their envelopes out of some regular scrapping paper I had. One of the girls at my table commented on how her sister loved to make envelopes since you can do it out of something as simple as a brown paper bag...lightbulb moment! I inevitably forget my cloth bags every once in awhile, so have a stash of some paper bags in our closet...2 bags later, I had enough envelopes for all of my cards; I was easily able to make 16 envelopes out of the two bags from just the top portion...the bottom just didn't make a nice envelope. Stamp the bottom corner, and you've got another way that going green is not only saved me money since the envelopes were free. My favorite price.

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Trish said...

Hey Sara - those look really cool - are those from Close to My Heart?