Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bowl Me Over

J took H to an Adult Birthday party that was held at a bowling alley, Pinz. The venue had laser tag, bowling, video games and a plethora of other games that will get the energy out of a 3.5 year-old. Plus, it made him feel totally special that he was the only kid with a bunch of doting adults and some fun Daddy/H time which is always important.

Even better, when they got home, I got to hand off both kids and head out the door to consume Lemon Drops and appetizers with my girlfriends. Later, however, I realized that my eating habits of late have been better than I thought. After sampling devouring my share of spinach-artichoke dip, crab rangoons, calamari, fried feta, beef satay, chicken lettuce wraps and a decandant chocolate dessert (plus the two martinis and some coffee) I was feeling more than a little queasy.

I even went so far as to suggest to J that I might have food poisoning. But with no stomach cramps and just a large lump in my throat, it turns out it wasn't so much food poisoning as the fact that I wolfed down too many rich and tasty delights in one sitting...who knew?! Everything in moderation.

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