Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Great (Es)Cape

The fam and I decided to head to The Cape after waking up on one of the first really gorgeous days of the summer. Wait, did I forget to say that the day was also a Saturday, and we didn't get our butts in gear until about 9:30-10?

Well, for all you locals, you're sniggering into your hands thinking about a) the traffic and b) the fact that they CLOSE beaches after a certain number of cars are allowed in.

Oh, can you tell where this story is going? Yep, you guessed it; After subjecting the kiddos to the drive (which really was fine until the last 5 miles before the Bourne Bridge) and ourselves to a terse meal at a classic Cape eatery with Classic New England customer service (read: mean people who you are paying to be mean to you) we arrived at Sandyneck Beach in Sandwich (the oldest town on Cape Cod) only to be turned away.

I looked at the late teens-early twenties employee, and said "What?! Are you kidding?" (silent shake of the head) "What do I do now?" (laissez faire shrug of the shoulders) "Where should we go?!" (Finally, a verbal response: "Um, away. From here.")

So, we decided to head to the next beach Lonely Planet told us to, and halfway there H started crying about swimming in the pool "at my apartment" and wanting ice cream. Since we'd passed the Sandwich Ice Cream shop (that makes their own Ice Cream Sandwiches...yum!) on our way in, we headed back that way. Of course, when we pulled in the lot, H was asleep but we got him a treat just in case he woke up, and arrived home to unload the car and walk the .1 mile to our complex's pool.

Ahhhh...so glad we drove for 3+ hours when we could have stayed home to swim then hit Beezer's for cones afterward. But where's the adventure in that?

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