Saturday, May 22, 2010

DIY Popcicles

Yesterday, while we were riding in the car, H had brought with him the latest Land Of Nod catalogue for his perusal. He's been having a great time looking at all the kids' magazines to make his ever-growing birthday wish list, and to pick out all the things we'll have in our new house. After several reinforcements of 'you aren't going to get everything you ask for', I've decided to just let his imagination run wild.

Today, he added 'popcicle machine' to his list. Once I saw what he was talking about; the plastic molds for popcicles, I told him we could actually get those that day. As an alternative to traditional dessert, I've been giving the kids frozen Horizon Organics Yogurt Tubers or Del Monte Fruit Chiller tubes, and they love them. I realized that this would give me a great way to use the frozen strawberries that I have in abundance since I accidentally ordered 6 cartons of strawberries instead of 2 the last time we had Roche Bros. deliver.

A quick trip to Target and we had a set of four popcicle molds, which H quickly identified as being enough for our family, 'but not enough for Granny and Papa', so we may be getting more if this is successful.

I found a recipe that calls only for three ingredients and we got out the blender. Within ten minutes we had four fruit pops in the freezer, pictures uploaded and blog post complete. We even had extra so that the kids got a smoothie with their dinner.

Frozen Fruit Bars (makes 4):

1/2-3/4 c. strawberries
3/4 c. skim-1% milk
Sugar (to taste...I used almost a tablespoon, but you don't have to use any at all)

Pour into molds and freeze overnight; enjoy!


Trish said...

Our favorite recipe is yogurt with just a bit of fruit juice mixed in to make it easier to pour into the container - so yummy - and healthy enough to eat during snack time!

Crafty Mama said...

We had those same exact popsicle molds from Target...I found them really difficult to get the finished product out of the mold. Hope it's going smoothly and the kids are enjoying their tasty treats :)

Sally HP said...

Our first one was as well, so I just ran it under a little warm water while applying gentle pressure and as soon as I felt it release I turned the water off.