Friday, May 21, 2010

It's the Climb

I know that I have been quite remiss in my posting, but the last month brought with it so many deadlines, details and deeds to be done. Family and friends came out for a visit, so I let the tour-guiding and hostessing commence.

I've been run, run, running except now it's not just to the grocery store. Over the last 3 months, I've logged almost 170 miles, according to my training tracker on and I'm starting to feel the aches in my joints as they protest such a large woman punishing her body like that. But in return, my body has been shedding weight and I'm now just shy of the 30 pound mark.

Despite that loss, when I look in the mirror I still feel frustrated because I have so much further to go, but then I take a step back at moments like Wednesday evening when I sprinted up the block to finish a 7.28 mile run, of which I didn't walk a step! In an hour and thirty-two minutes (less than the time it takes to loaf on the couch and watch a movie) I burned almost an entire day's worth of calories, and to date, I've lost over 10% of my former body weight. Now, it's time to focus on the next ten.

While I was feeling flustered, I also paused and thought how I would feel if one of my friends had told me they'd lost 30 pounds in three months. That's a huge amount of weight and I'm so much more comfortable in my skin because of it. But, more than the weight, I feel so much more fit. I may have the aches and pains that temporarily cause me to feel like an octogenarian, but overall, I'm in the best shape I've been in in a long time...maybe even ever.

I had the realization hit me of just how important this team, and the goal I have of completing the half-marathon on June 13th is to me. With my obsession with Sex and the City firmly established, I should not have to explain the underlying sacrifice in this decision; my girlfriends are going into New York City this weekend, but I declined joining them because I have a long training run that I know I won't complete on my own at another time. Yes, my friends, that is dedication.

I've had movers and cleaners come out to give quotes and faxed back contracts, I've purchased appliances that I picked out online, while talking to the Sears employee in Walla Walla, had delivered to the house which I had not yet seen the finished interior of, and a third party met them there and installed them for me. I had a minor moment when I thought the wrong tile was used on the fireplace surround, but additional pictures taken by the realtor and emailed to me, showed me that lighting was everything. That also gave me the chance to see my gleaming new appliances properly installed and just waiting for that Thanksgiving dinner or birthday cake. Bottom line; the assessment is done, the certificate of occupancy has been issued and all that remains is some sod being laid down and the closing of the deal

I have so much to cram into the next month before we leave; overwhelming doesn't quite hit it. In an effort to keep it simple, the boys' joint birthday party (H isn't technically 5 until August, but I want him to have a party with his friends) will be a breakfast in the park, with a tower o' glazed donuts serving as the cake. I'm getting rid of everything that I don't see even remotely using in the new house, while trying to remain realistic about the things that we don't really need to replace right away. All those towels and kitsch add up so quickly!

And in the mix of it all, I have these two beautiful boys who I need to prepare for the huge life-changing event of leaving all that they know, and making a new home across the country. It's such an odd feeling to be returning to my 'home' while at the same time taking my kids from theirs. I am so excited for the next phase in our life, but I'm also terrified to leave the one we're in.

And, that's the ten minutes I have free for today!


Portlandia said...

I'm really proud of you, on so many fronts! You are truly amazing. If the running helps keep you centered and calm in the midst of the storm, then embrace it (and the achey knee)! You and J are "home" and always will be for your boys. They will be happy as long as you are!

Sally HP said...

Thank you! It was so nice to see you yesterday, and I can't believe all that you get done! It'll be nice to be within driving distance, so that in all your free time we can get together :)

Janice said...

You have so many things to be proud of. In the three short years you touched the lives of so many friends in MA, including our family. You will do it again in Washington. You're strong and have charater. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Maggie said...

I agree with the comments -- you should be so proud of yourself because you've done so much for yourself, your family, and your friends both old, new, near and far! You really are in inspiration as a mother, wife, runner and friend. And the's been so fun to hear about your training and the progress you have been making with your weight loss and physical fitness. It's all about how you FEEL, and you should feel outstanding!