Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

Okay, that's the last sad jungle reference that I'm going to make. So, I watched Lipstick Jungle last night and was pleased that they started out at the same point that the book did and I think they also made some really good casting choices. I was very surprised to see that Andrew McCarthy has really not aged much (although I talked with a friend today whose first comment was "he's getting old!" Only to follow up that if he was getting old, she must be also, so it was disconcerting) I think that if the first episode is this promising, the show will only get better, because these writers are amazing at developing characters and making you love them!

Speaking of jungles creatures, my darling H and I went to our local Barnes and Noble which has an amazing children's section with a large Thomas the Train table for them to play at. I met my friend Alex and her son there and we had a nice Starbucks latte while the kids entertained themselves for a good hour. At about that time, H decided to explore the wilds of the kids section (and beyond.) While I was standing right there, I turned to look at a display of Dr. Seuss books and had only time to comment that my Aunt Stella used to read me Horton Hears a Who before another mom said, "Um" I turned to see H at the TOP of a staicase/ladder/book he got there that quickly, God only knows, but I got him down without incident; no harm, no foul.

Next it was on to the Y for some much-deserved mommy time while H enjoyed the child watch. I got to enjoy the discussion of two middle-aged men regarding the SuperBowl and the Patriots, which ultimately ended with on man saying "If losin' means you get to spend time in Costa Rica with Giselle, I wanna be a loosah." "From youah mouth to God's eeahs" was the response of the second man. It was such a funny conversation with a ton of local flavor that my 45 minutes on the eliptical flew by.

H had a great time, and I fit in my time to get fit.

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Alex Elliot said...

We had a terrific time. Plus I got good fodder for my NEM post after I saw this crazy ass DVD on Worcester in the video section.