Sunday, February 1, 2009

Video Killed the E-Lectric Car...

I got an email from a friend titled 'GM Killed Their Best Product' and it was a YouTube link for a doctored clip of the film Who Killed the Electric Car? which came out in 2006, narrated by Martin Sheen. Until I looked at the official website for the movie, I didn't realize it had been out for so long. Almost three years later, with gas prices soaring, dipping and getting ready to soar again, this film seems particularly applicable to our lives.

With a multi-billion dollar bail-out package, we're taking another look at the state of our auto industry. I am the first to admit that I don't drive a Prius or other hybrid car, but we did a lot of research before forgoing that option when buying our car. But a car that doesn't use gas at all? That would be was an amazing option. I've put the film in my Netflix queue, and look forward to seeing more. Appropriately, today is day one of my 'no non-essential purchases for a month' month.

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