Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brimming with Pride

Well, almost a year has passed since my dear friend asked me to make her these two Hannah Newsboy hats. I'm pretty sure that gives me a fast pass to Worst Friend Ever status, but they're now nestled in their tissue paper tombs in a priority shipping box on their way to the east coast.

A procrastinator by nature, I still feel like a lame-ass when I don't get things done on time, but this is by far the worst I've ever been when it comes to getting my act together. After a couple of rip-backs that made me want to cry, the best was when I was stitching the band to the cream hat yesterday (Pepperberry Knits' 100% cashmere, by the by, and the nicest yarn I've knit with yet! So, not only did my friend ask me nicely, she also bought supah swank yarn for me to use...and how do I repay her?!) and after I'd tied off the whip-stitched hem, I realized that I'd sewn it on inside out. Awesome. Yes, there was a swear and a head thrown back Napoleon Dynamite-style. Any-who. They're done, and I'm so happy with how they turned out. The second one (cream) turned out better than the first, but they both fit and look like they're supposed to, so I'm calling it a success.

Sitting on my head off-center like a gangsta....

The pattern is great because you have options for the hat and the band. She chose the most snug fit for the hat but there were also options for a little bit baggier, and then a super slouchy version as well. I hope they're up to snuff and you still want to see me in November!
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Melody said...

SO cute!!! and yummy yarn too! I've knit the newsboy caps out of the Stitch N Bitch book & they are def my fave hat to sport around. But these, well - I might just have to cast on!

Mommy to Tyler & Kendall said...

Never will you make worst friend status! You're the best and I can't wait for the hats and to see you in November!

maggiebahnson said...

Love the hat!