Monday, September 6, 2010

She's Radiant

I finally completed it! All told, this sweater doesn't really require a whole lot of time, it was just finding that small span to actually sit down and do it. What better time than at my parents' house when Granny would fully occupy my kids. I was so appreciative of this pattern's in-the-round construction because after binding off in pattern I just had to sew the underarm seams and weave in my ends. I altered the pattern so that the sleeves were shorter so that she could wear it in the Spring and Fall since it's a cotton sweater. Also, I knitted for four inches at the yoke instead of six. With a shorter torso, I felt like it would be too much at the neck and I'm glad also because I feel like the patterned stitch starts at just the right point on the bust. She was a very good sport to model the sweater for me literally when she first walked in the door after driving to my parents' house for about three hours.

Now I'll just be praying that it doesn't fall apart the first time she washes it!

I promised myself I wouldn't start any new projects until I'd completed the two that I started in Massachusetts and were for other people. That means I have to now put together the hats for my friend. Why have I been putting it off for so long? I'm terrified that I'll completely eff up the assembly, and there's no going back once you do it, because it involves fusible interfacing. They are a really simple project, and I just need to get over myself. 'Luckily' I was asked by a mom in PTO who saw my blog signature to donate a hat for the PTO fundraiser, so I have the perfect motivation to finish the hats and send them off to their rightful owner. I will be posting about them by Wendesday.
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