Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dawning of the Ages

Today J and I attended our first ever parent-teacher conference, or 'goal setting meeting' as they're now called. We were talking about Henry's test scores and how he's adjusting well now (which was not the case in the beginning of the year...there were a lot of tears that first month, and they weren't all his.) When we were almost finished, his teacher asked J if he had any questions since she and I talk almost daily, and he said that he felt like I'd kept him pretty up to speed on what the teacher and I planned to help H adjust.

As I was watching him talk, it was one of those moments when you realize; we're really parents. This is our child we're talking about! I felt so adult, yet so surreal all at once. It's not as if it escapes me that I'm ten years out of college and responsible for helping to shape these people's lives, but you just get so swept up in the day to day and time flies by and for the most part, I still think of myself as that silly undergrad with a flaming crush on that cute older guy in my 8am Philosophy class. (It should also be noted that said older boy is the whole reason I started getting my bratty behind to that class every single day without fail.) He was prompt and consistent that one.

Fast forward eleven years and steady he remains; I couldn't ask for a better partner, or role model for my kids. Earlier this summer we planned to train for the Walla Walla Half-Marathon together...then I decided I'd just do the 10k because getting out and getting in the miles has been really hard for me this time around. A couple weeks ago, I downgraded myself to loving cheerleader, since I get to do the Barber to Boise the following weekend, oh yeah, and because I hadn't really trained yet.

I have nothing to blame it on, really, because I was crazy busy in Massachusetts as well, but I found the time. I have great running routes right out my front door and I invested in the double BOB stroller, which I love. I really miss my running group, they were amazingly supportive and motivating. But alas, they're gone (or rather I am) so in the last week I've started to get into a routine again and I joined the Y today as well. Yesterday, H said to me, 'Mom, let's go for a little run.' All this time searching for a running partner, and they were right here all along.

Mr. J, on the other hand, has been lacing up the sneaks and heading out the door from the moment he said he would. His steadfastness is one of my favorite things about him.  Well, almost my favorite...but that's for another post.