Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again...

Tonight, J and I went out for the first time since C was born...we have NEVER gone that long without having a night sans kids, so this was much deserved. We went to a favorite restaurant of ours, The Flying Rhino, and since it was a night of favorites (my favorite husband at a favorite restaurant) I decided I'd go for my favorite drink; a lemon drop martini. Since we were seated in the bar, our waiter was actually the bartender and he assured me that his lemon drop was fantastic and yes indeed-y it was!

We were dining with my husband's co-workers, who all knew that I'd recently had a baby. I ordered two drinks for myself, and one of his co-workers treated me to a a glass of wine. (over the course of three hours.) I must have screamed "mother of infant out for drinks" because the bartender even poured the extras from the shaker into a glass for me. That's even better than when you get the extra milkshake glass at Denny's!

Let me just say that I am writing from a happy place. Alex watched the kiddos and let me know when I got home that she'd successfully fed C three ounces from a bottle, so no worries that I'll be an abusive breast-feeder.

As I type, J is on his way to pick up his parents from the airport so I guess I should finish picking up my crafting crap from the area in which they'll be sleeping. Ahhhh...nothing like a few drinks to make housework exciting again. I guess that's the slippery slope that makes fabulous alcoholics. Cleaning toilets would be a lot more fun if vodka were involved!


Alex Elliot said...

I wasn't worried that you would be an abusive breast feeder :) I didn't want you to worry about leaving C again since you told me that he wouldn't take a bottle for G.

Ginny said...

Glad you had a fun night! Flying Rhino is one of our favorites too...hubby loves the ostrich :) Such a fabulous place.