Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Disenfriendchised

It seems like the older you get, the more narrow your circle becomes. Sure, there are the social butterflies who have a large group from which to choose when it comes to seeing a movie or going to dinner, but I'm talking about the people you call at 11pm because your kid just barfed for the fifth time and you can't leave the house to get Pedialyte.

While I hold accounts on MySpace and Facebook, I have to admit that I rarely check them, and primarily started them to be able to keep up with pictures of my friends' kids from afar. After being a member of one of them for a little while, a new wrinkle in the 'social' aspect of them was brought to my attention; the opportunity to expand upon one's penchant for passive aggression.

Did you know that you can cease being 'friends' with someone without the other person's knowledge? I'm not talking refused return of phone calls, or even public snubbing. Oh no, with the simple click of a mouse, you can break an electronic tie with someone and they won't even know until they try to initiate a game of Scramble or Word Twist. How Rude!

I think I'll stick to movie dates and book clubs.

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Alex Elliot said...

I'm shocked to hear of this! I'm totally kidding, but I did realize this evening that I had been defriended from LinkedIn. Since I haven't checked my account since December, I'm not sure when it happened.