Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blues Traveler

After waxing poetic about the beautiful shade of blue I was planning to paint my room for several months, I figured it was time to actually slap some paint up on the wall. It wasn't until my brother-in-law was visiting my house for the first time over Fourth of July, and politely commented on my 'decoration' in my bedroom that I had some serious motivation to get 'er done. Paint swatches are about as decorative as Tyvek wrap. Read: They're not.

I've been reading Young House Love and Our Humble A{Bowe}d a lot. A lot. YHL has some great video tutorials, one of them being on the art of cutting in. It was very helpful for the areas around the windows, and I still need to go back (probably isn't going to happen) and fill in the tiny gap in some places where the edger couldnt get quite close enough to the molding. But, the result is great, and I love the color just as much as I'd hoped I would.

Due to the amazing amount of natural light we get in our house, the color looks very different at each phase of the day. When I was done painting at 11pm, I started having second thoughts because it looked very masculine and almost a mallard green. With the wood trim, I had the sinking feeling I'd feel like I was in a billiards room instead of feeling reminiscent of tropical waters. Never fear, the morning sun shone in the morning and all was well. I still have to arrange photos and find a cool decorative accent for the bed wall. I'm also thinking of plug-in sconces for the bedside, instead of the teeny, tiny lamps (that I love, but are looking off-scale).

It was also a great opportunity to re-evaluate what's in the room. The only furniture I brought back in was our dresser, nightstands and bed. I figure the less flat surfaces we have, the less opportunity for clutter. I'm on the hunt for a great chair to serve as a knitting and reading nook, but it would be ideal if it were comfy enough to nurse in when the time comes again.

I love this wall sculpture for above the bed, but it would definitely be a splurge, so I need to decide if I lurve it, and not just like it.

So here we go; boring in beige to awesome in aqua in one evening. 

The dreaded cutting in!

When we get our king bed, the red skirt will be gone but for now it works, picking up the red in the curtains.

Love the fun pop of color in the nightstands. Oops! Forgot to put our pillows back on :)

Above the dresser will be a gallery wall of ocean vacations, surfing and some prints I've picked up along the way; all in crisp white frames.

When we get our bed, this is the bedding I'm getting (in natural or white), along with a simple white or natural fitted bedskirt.
...and plug in sconces like this with a lighter, or white shade

Any suggestions for the bedroom decor are welcome, so please leave a comment!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! i like the wall color a lot, didn't see the name in your post. what name/brand is it? thank you!

Sally HP said...

Hi! It's Martha Stewart Araucana Teal that I had color matched in behr ultimate paint plus primer at 125% color (got every penny's worth in that gallon!) with 9+ foot ceilings it covered beautifully in one coat (with touch ups about an hour later)...hope this helps!