Sunday, July 3, 2011

The (Hammered) Golden Arches

In just a few days, we will have lived in our house for a year, and what a year it has been! With new construction, I naively thought we'd just move our little family in and be done. Voila, right? Not so, my friend. Had we the money at the time, there are a number of projects that could have been completed prior to moving in, but we didn't. I have to say, I've had so much satisfaction from looking around the house and realizing how many little (and big) projects or finishing touches have been done with our four hands. Taking a few days in the sun to build the fence, and a long day to stain it a year later, are grueling in the moment but oh-so-delicious when you gaze out at your developing yard.

For the sitting room, I've agonized (maybe a little obsessively) over the perfect shade of golden yellow that will complement the Emmy rug that I bought on sale at Crate and Barrel just after moving in. It was the anchor of the entire room and I was not willing to swap it out for something else, so find that perfect shade I must. After about ten different swatches had been painted on each of the four walls in the room (to determine how it would look in every light, of course!) J finally quipped that if I kept up I wouldn't have to actually pick, it would just meld into a yellow crazy quilt. The pressure was on. 

I had invited mi familia to join us at our house for Fourth of July, and I like for there to be some progress with each trek they make to the Walla. Home Depot's paint sale just happened to coincide with my goal, so I bought the paint for the master, and took the Emmy swatch to the trusty paint counter.

After careful consideration with my friends in Orange, I took home sample cans of Behr Premium in both Ground Cumin and Hammered Gold. I was so frustrated with going for the gold that I decided to go in a different direction and try a green for contrast. Here's what I had to decide between:

Both were beautiful, but I knew the Hammered Gold would have the impact I was going for. After cutting in along the baseboards (tonight I have to bite the bullet and get up on the dreaded ladder to cut in on the top) I'm so happy with my color choice. It looks so beautiful against the trim and floors.

I liked the Ground Cumin so much, though, that I may have that be the color for the living room/entryway. Although, after my bedroom, I'll be taking a little whole-room painting hiatus. Our ceilings are high!

The only wall that doesn't have an archway or windows will have a photo montage of all the places we've lived and the fun things we liked to do while living there; Chunky frames in black and white will hopefully pull it all together. I also found these cool state watercolors and bought one of each for Oregon and Massachusetts in the 5x7 size and Washington in 8x10 on etsy, which I'll frame in black and intersperse on the photo wall.

I've had the same black scroll sconces that I bought at a PartyLite party about 8 years ago and have included in all of my decorating schemes after each move. I've spray painted them ivory, and plan to put mason jars filled with corks that I've saved on them instead of candles, and candle wreaths with ivory berries and greens.

I'm going to attempt my very first mood board in Photoshop, but until then, here're some of my ideas to fill out the room. I'm making a run to IKEA in August when we go to visit my old posse from the Child Welfare days to pick up some white sheers and fun pillow covers for the sitting and living room. These will look mahvelous with the one splurge for the room: The white slip covered PB Comfort sofa with down-wrapped cushions. A lot of people say you can't have a white sofa with kids or pets, but it's actually the best to have due to one little household genius: bleach. It's the only color you can successfully bring back to it's original state with a toss in the wash and some helpful chemicals. Not super earth friendly, but fashion friendly trumps it in this case.
The 'reading nook' will be relocated to the kids' bedroom and playroom when I get my white couch, but this is the gallery wall for the sitting room. All photos of places we've lived along with the three heart state prints (MA, WA and OR) from poppy & pinecone on etsy.

I found these two chairs on overstock to anchor the window, but depending on how they fit with the couch in the room, they may sit on either side of the arch, with a gate leg table or something under the window instead.

 I love the fun print of these chairs, and the green has the perfect touch of olive/gold to complement the rug.

A new light fixture will be a must down the road (I love the old 'school' pendants), as well as a couple of lamps, with an emphasis on leaving the space with an open feel. Crisp colors, livability and an inviting place to chat, knit or read a book when you first step in my home; all the things I wanted from that room. I love that the new color is making it feel like its own space, even though the giant archways keep it open to the rest of the house. Next up (I swear) tile installation.

(I also am drooling over these for my little back porch seating area. I know it's off-topic, but had to include it.)

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