Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jimmy Crack Corn

The Fourth of July is definitely my favorite holiday. There are no gifts or cards or other stressful obligations involved (other than those who cash in their 401k's to buy an armory's worth of commercial fireworks for their backyard show), just blissful relaxation and all the summer food you can handle, with the Fourth of July cable music station setting the mood...who knew there were so many songs about the good ole USA? I seriously have a nerdly obsession with all things marching band, so this was seen as a plus by me. For my niece who wore her iPod earbuds like armor, not so much.

This summer, I called dibbs on hosting this day well in advance this year, so my family made the trip over the mountains and through the woods. In exchange, we greeted them with fat cheeseburgers with all the fixins including hamburger buns by Dave's Killer Bread (yum!).

On the dessert front, I had planned to make the Corn on the Cob Cupcakes featured on Woman's Day this month, but spaced getting yellow jelly beans, so they'll have to wait for my friend's visit with her kiddos next weekend. When I was searching for the image of these, I found there were several recipes, including this one, but like that the other one has cornmeal in it and utilizes browned butter in the frosting to make it a more savory cupcake. (note to self: Add Hello, Cupcake! to Amazon wishlist)
(Photo: Moica Buck/Woman's Day)

We did, however, get to enjoy the deliciousness of my new favorite way to have real corn on the cob; Drop the husked ears in a pot of boiling water for just long enough that they're warmed through (about 2-3 minutes). Slather them in butter; I used the French butter La Baratte des Gourmets, which has salt crystals embedded throughout and can be found locally at Salumiere Cesario. It's so good, it's been dubbed 'crack butter' by some customers. After thoroughly slathering each ear, sprinkle with a mix of spices (mine had chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper). Devour. Wipe Chin. Floss.

Our Aunt Jackie's potato salad is one of those things that it just doesn't feel like a summer barbeque without. Thoroughly boiled potatoes, lots of hard-boiled eggs and even more seasoned mayo; Made just before you're ready to serve it, it's warm and creamy perfection.

For a little festive flair, I made white chocolate-covered strawberries with blue-sugared tips and printed star shapes out on colored paper to cut and string on a garland, as suggested by Our Humble A(Bowe)d  (I love this blog!).

To all this food, you just add some blissful vitamin D soakage, water-play fun for a bunch of giggling kids, and a heaping helping of patriotism by capping the day with a plateful of stars and stripes (read: star-shaped pbj and string cheese) for the kiddos.

Charlie was woken up by the abundance of large-scale fireworks visible from our back-yard at 10pm so we sat outside with his face peeking from the blanket, eyes wide in wonder. I couldn't help but wonder if he'll remember them.

And, yes, I finished painting the room the night before they came to town (and hadn't moved the furniture back when I snapped this photo with my phone). It's Goldilicious! I promise to take a crisp photo when all the decor is in.

Next up, the first all family tent-camping experience; should be good for a few laughs.


Amanda said...

Sally, the food and decorations look fantastic! I'm so glad you found some inspiration (and love!) our blog! You're too kind. :)

Sally HP said...

Thanks! And thank you for commenting, I read your blog everyday. I'm house obsessed right now, and will be until we finish this puppy!

Crafty Mama said...

I saw those cupcakes in WD and loved them.....they looked delicious and their resemblance to corn on the cob was uncanny.

You....nerdly marching band obsession? Were you in the band? I was....four years of HS and many memories.

Sally HP said...

Yep, I played flute and then switched to the dark side of bari sax...JPS and Fillmore make me weak in the knees ;) A little Americans We anyone?