Friday, March 30, 2012

Gimme A Giveaway

I was so excited when my friend posted to my facebook account this morning that she'd seen a post about me on Our Humble A{Bowe}d. If you've been eyeing my newsboy caps, head on over to see how you can win a custom cashmere cap of your very own! There will be two winners, so don't miss out!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rhapsody in Grey

After many, many paint samples lovingly applied to the walls in crazy quilt fashion, I finally hit on the perfect grey (or 'greige') tones for my kitchen and living room that weren't too blue, too green or too anything other than what I had envisioned. When we built the house, I had to pick one color to put all over the house; walls and ceilings, so I didn't go for anything too dark. I settled on Knot by Parker Paints after a quick flip through the available swatches. I'm really glad I didn't have them paint the rooms the colors I thought I'd want because a) we didn't have the exorbitant amount of money they'd have charged to do that and b) the colors I've settled on were nowhere in my consciousness at the time. Now, after almost two years of living in the spaces, I feel like I know what I want. For now.

For the kitchen, I went with Behr's Fashion Grey in their Ultra Paint plus Primer. Not only, does it have the most amazing coverage of any paint in a single coat (remember the crazy turquoise in my bedroom? One coat!), but it's a no VOC paint as well, so my preggo self can use it with confidence. Wait? Did she just say preggo? Yes, it's been awhile!

I've been a little preoccupied with nesting instincts, school obligations and the other general chaos that comes with a busy life of little boys, volunteer work and striving to make my house a home before a newly imposed deadline of mid-August. We found out yesterday that the bundle we're bringing home is going to be adding even more testosterone to our abode, as it's baby boy #3 for the HP clan.

Okay, back to paint. I started cutting in along the ceiling of the dining room last Saturday morning, took a short break to take the kiddos bowling, then back at it until I got 'er done and all put back together at about 12:30am. Climbing onto the countertops with a five months baked kiddo in utero proved to add a little 'fun' to my already afeared of heights self, but I prevailed.

My mom was here while I was painting and was not afraid to voice her reservations about painting the entirety of my main living spaces grey. But, alas, she was able to eat her slice of humble pie with a smile as we sat back at the end and admired how lovely it was. The woodwork now looks rich instead of bland and the tone plays off the stainless appliances nicely.

These photos were taken at night (obviously) and I love the daytime glow of the paint even more!

Today, I'll be starting on the main living space, because we have company coming for dinner tomorrow, who haven't seen our house in almost a why wouldn't I tear my living room apart tonight?  I love me some unnecessary stress.

For my next indoors project, I've already started an active pinboard with nursery ideas, which will be a soothing grey with pops of bright colors. I have so many fun ideas and I can't wait to tackle my first real nursery.

Mr. HP will be gone for most of April and May, so our Pergola, outdoor shed and raised beds will be built upon his return. Believe me, he's rushing home in anticipation of those fun chores, while I've created another pinboard with ideas for how to stage seating areas around the yard and our newly extended patio. Should be a busy spring and summer with lots to share, fights to snark about and stresses to laugh about 'someday.'