Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rock-a-bye Baby

It's been almost nine months since the babe joined our family, so it's easy to calculate how long it's been since I've had a full night's sleep. But time waits for no man, so I've been busy knocking projects off the to-do list that never ends (or maybe just magically re-sets with new tasks once it dwindles to a certain level). The big boys were a little envious of the transformation their old bedroom took when it became the nursery, so I've been gathering and gathering, testing swatches and having fun planning a big boy room that will finally be pulled together by next week. However, before I started that, I wanted to get a few more things done with the nursery. I'd purchased fabric several months ago so that I could re-cover the ottoman but never just sat down to do it.

Yesterday afternoon I had to get the sewing machine out to sew the patches onto H's cub scouts uniform so decided I should probably just get 'er done. As for the patches, if I ever complain about sewing the patches on J's man-sized military uniform again, please remind me of tiny sleeve and pocket that is a cub scout shirt. There were no curse words muttered.

As for the ottoman, the biggest thing I learned is that girls who have no patience for tedium should not be so ga-ga over bold graphic prints. Because guess how obvious it is when you don't take the time to match up the pattern?

In addition to the cover, I added a bookshelf above the rocking chair with some of the books we've received for him (board books that aren't tattered, hooray!), and I love the bookend (in white in the nursery) so much that I bought a set in grey for the big boys' room. They're just simple, but not plain, and for whatever reason, they just struck the right chord with me.
I have a fun craft in the works that I'll be able to hang up after his first birthday and I swapped out the hand-embroidered alphabet that I did for this more masculine and simple one.

At almost nine months old (gasp! Really?! Already?!) Jack is just on the cusp of crawling, so I'm pretty sure we'll be swapping that tall paper lamp out for a pendant in a matter of a month or so. I am really loving the look of this one, but wonder if it will be too feminine. I would likely make it myself, out of roving or a super bulky yarn, to cover a simple pendant shade, because I could do it for far less than $70. What do you think?

What are you working on right now? I love to ogle other people's images, so if you have links to your projects, please feel free to include them in the comment! My sister and her family are coming from Iowa for a visit in two weeks, and I vow to have the big boys' room done before they get here, so stay tuned!