Sunday, January 3, 2010

Diaper Doody

I joined the ranks of cloth diapering mamas about a year ago, and while that sometimes makes me feel a swell of pride over the amount of money I'm saving, I've also found that you could easily spend a ton on the super cute diapers they have now, if you didn't have downers like rent to pay, and groceries to buy.

I'd been using bumGenius exclusively until a trip to Mothers and Company to return the three unused Pocket Trainers I'd purchased for H, and the candystore-esque display of neatly stacked, brightly colored cloth diapers resulted in the acquisition of two Fuzzi Bunz one size with snaps* and one Wahmies one size diaper (cutest little monkey print you've ever seen) with hooks that just serve to annoy J every time he has to do a diaper change when that one's in rotation. But, whatev', it's really cute and I figure if J can't get it undone, neither can Charlie. Hmm...It's such a shame that the cute little prints are just covered up with clothes. One would almost think it's a waste to buy the prints. Almost.

So, cutesy bits aside, there is one aspect of cloth diapering that is just gross, it's necessary, but gross nonetheless. A diaper sprayer has made the task of de-poo'ing diapers oh-so-much more palatable, but still. The upside? You're flushing it down the toilet instead of letting it sit in a diaper matter what I did, I could never make that thing not reek.

*I love the snaps! They have a learning curve in deciding which setting to use for how big your kiddo is, but they seem to be more trim than the bG as an added bonus. Oh, and you don't have to rip apart a daisy chain o' diapers each time you do laundry (even though you folded in the laundry tabs).

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