Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Someone Let the Cork Out...

And yooooou stink!

J has been gone for just over two weeks, and I must say it's gone a lot more smoothly than I had anticipated. Part of it is that I'm already used to the solo-parenting gig over the last 2+ years of residency, and part of it is because we've stayed super busy.

I've had time to try out some new recipes, promising myself I wouldn't fall into the trap of ordering take-out; only one night of pizza ordered in for the kids! I've even gotten pretty creative with my time-management...when H was at pre-school this morning, I took the time while Charlie was playing from room to room to dust the TV area and wash all the windows...who knew a 4 year-old fingerprints could get to the very top panes?! I also scheduled EnviroClean to come shampoo the carpets on Friday when I get my roots taken care of, which is a good thing because they are probably longer than Alex Haley's at this point.

However, the thing that's been the biggest pain (aside from the lack of 'intimate time') has been the dreaded chore of taking out the garbage. Besides loathing the task, the logistics of it are just annoying. Either I lug the bags with me while I've got Charlie in my arms, and I'm shooing H along toward whatever task we're doing for the day, or I chance H's promise to stay put while I run to the dumpster during Charlie's nap. Yes, the dumpster is in sight-line with my apartment window, but I will definitely appreciate having a house where the garbage is mere steps away. Luckily we no longer have to separate our recycling, so the trip takes less than 3 minutes all together, but today as I was walking, the bag bumped my leg with each step, and as it was looped over my arm to free up the giant box of recycling, I ended up with a tourniquet o'trash by the time I got there and had a brief panic that I wouldn't be able to get it untwisted. With a clang of the door to the compactor, hand-sanitizer applied, I sauntered back to the apartment feeling ten pounds lighter.

I purchased a package of the Earth's Best diapers a couple weeks ago and had been using disposables here and there just to give myself a little break from the poo-washing. I have to say, it's been a reinforcement to me that I appreciate the convenience of disposables, but the stench that goes along with them being in the garbage (I even use little scented bags!) is just nasty. With cloth diapers, you wash it and forget it.

But, at least it's been the motivation for me to take out the garbage pronto instead of procrastinating. Now, about that toilet that needs scrubbing...

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Crafty Mama said...

In the past two weeks, I've been shocked at how quickly a diaper genie gets filled up with two kids in diapers. I'm glad that Will is showing a little more interest in the whole potty-training experience!
And yeah, the smell from two kids in diapers makes me take the bag out a whoooole lot faster!