Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Last night, I told J that I was so excited to finally have my final blog fodder from the Bachelorette, as it was the season finale. Well, turns out I would have even more proof that he doesn't read my blog. He turned to me and asked incredulously "You watch that show?!" I explained that I had never watched a full season, so my sisters had convinced me and it had turned out to be a great example of awesomely bad TV.

Our usual routine of television-sharing is that one person picks a show that's to their liking and the other picks up a book or leaves the room, as our tastes are what one may call polar opposite. A couple of the exceptions are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I was feeling like I needed some J time, so said that we didn't have to watch it, but he ensured me, he'd stay in the room and watch with me. After about the five hundredth time that they showed a lead-in where both male finalists are at DeAnna's family home at the same time, I exclaimed in disgust "This is how they make it a two-hour finale, they just show the same crap over and over...there's only about twenty minutes of original programming here!"

"TWO HOURS?!", exclaimed my faithful husband. "I'm definitely leaving the room!" I'm guessing the phrase for better or worse didn't pop into his head at that point. Knowing that he wasn't kidding, I flipped through the guide to find something more suitable and there, of course, was our old stand-by Jon Stewart.
Today, I logged onto abc.com and found the "OMG moment" from this week was the proposal of Jesse to DeAnna. I tried to embed it here, but am not techno-savvy enough, so you'll have to click on over. Needless to say, it was fairly anti-climactic, and I'm glad I didn't waste two hours to see something it took me 5 seconds to do today. Good luck Jesse and DeAnna...hope the drama of reality TV didn't lull you into a false sense of luuuuuurve...

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Alex Elliot said...

Wow I'm so impressed that you changed the show! Please don't tell my husband. I don't want him to get any ideas!