Wednesday, July 23, 2008

El Fin!

While there was a point when I was looking at the directions thinking I'd never figure out how to attach neck and make it all work, I did! It's done, my head goes through the neck hole and my arms go through the arm-holes...all in all, a success. I even bought different fabric to make a second one!

My only recommendation is to not get discouraged in reading the directions. Once you're actually doing it, they make much more sense. Also, true to my nature, I didn't put in a single basting stitch...isn't that just double the work for the same effect? Silliness.


LiteralDan said...

Hey, that looks good-- a lot better than I could do, and I took Home Ec in junior high! (Don't worry, I also took Shop-- I'm very well-rounded).

Alex Elliot said...

I thought it looked great!