Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Simplicity of It All

Today, I will finally replace the needle on my sewing machine in order to make the hooded towels for my nieces' birthdays (yes, they already came and went in June). This was all inspired after I met my friend for coffee yesterday and wore the denim skirt that I'd love all last summer. I forgot, however, until I was already there that I had ripped the split (in the front) when climbing over the baby gate last year. Don't worry, it wasn't obscene or anything, just a couple inches higher than intended. Because I knew I'd be wearing the skirt a ton this summer, it was time to mend it, along with the ripped side of H's laundry basket (how he ripped it, I'm not sure).

I've been seeing these cute flowy summer tops everywhere, but don't have the money at this point to buy a new summer wardrobe, so I did what any crazy crafter will do...I hopped on the Simplicity website and searched for a pattern so I could create one myself. After adding the appropriate pattern to my basket I searched for fabric, and landed on a simple clearance 'linen look' in sunny yellow, and called it a day. Now I just have to wait for it to come, whip it out real quick and, voile! Since I know I'll be a shining success, I'll be able to go to the fabric store and get some cute fabric to make several more and I'll have my summer staples. Here's to hoping that Simplicity really is simple.

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Ginny said...

I have had a sewing machine for years but have never really gotten the gumption to go and use it! I have a book (and a mom) that knows how, I just need to get it together to DO IT! Thanks for a short burst of inspiriation. :)