Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, apparently you really do have to read the instructions before pinning and cutting. You know, the ones that say in bold BEFORE CUTTING? This whole crafty thing is teaching me so much. I've always said pre-shrink shpre-shrink, until now when I realized that I'd be really pissed if I completed this shirt only to wash it and have it be a size too small.

Also, when I had already pinned most of the pieces, only to find it told me to pin right sides together I first hesitated to undo it...but then I did. Lastly, I had pinned most pieces and couldn't figure out why the last ones wouldn't fit until I looked closer and realized that there was only a portion of the fabric that was double-folded and the rest was single thickness...argh...out came the pins.

As you can see, however, it's finally all cut out and waiting for me to start piecing together and sewing...that's the simple part, right?! (I'm very excited about the fabric. It has a chocolate background with blue bubbles...my current hip color combo, but you can't tell, because as it's supposed to...the wrong side is facing out.)
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Ginny said...

I've wanted to learn to sew for years. I'm thinking of signing up to take a class, I received a sewing machine 5 years ago as a gift and I still don't know how to thread the damn thing. :) Can't wait to see your finished product.

Haasiegirl said...

you are SO brave!!