Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hooded Towels

Are you looking for a great, easy craft that looks harder to create than it is (thus, impressing others)? If so, hooded towels are for you! These are great to give as gifts for summer birthdays, baby showers, Christmas or to just make for your own kiddos for the beach, pool or the good old fashioned tub. H has a grass green one, with black and white polka-dot ribbon that was actually made for C as a shower gift, but was subsequently commandeered.
What you'll need:
2 Washcloths
1 Bath towel (same color or not depending on taste)
Grosgrain or other wide ribbon for decoration (optional)
matching (or not ) thread
1. Place the washcloths right sides together and machine or hand-sew two perpendicular edges. This creates the hood when turned right side out.
2. Fold the bath towel in half, and center the 'hood'. This is most easily achieved by leaving the washcloths right sides together and then begin pinning the long edge of the 'hood' to the towel, unfolding both as you go. (If I had foresight, I'd have taken pictures as I went...sorry!)
3. Machine or hand-sew the long edge of the 'hood' to the bath towel.
4. Add ribbon as desired (there are so many combinations you can do, have fun with it!) You could also create animals, etc, but that's beyond my crafting ambition at this point.
Ribbon on the hood only

Ribbon running down the sides of the towel

No wrapping paper required

Finished product
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LiteralDan said...

Hooded towels are great-- I didn't know they existed before I had kids, and now I wish they made them in adult sizes

Alicia said...

Hmmmm, seems simple enough that I could easily do this for a non-crafty person!

Love the blog by the way!