Saturday, October 13, 2007

This Little Piggy...

"This little piggy moved to Massachusetts, this little piggy stays home (with a 2 year old), this little piggy makes chicken nuggets, this little piggy loads the dishwasher, and this little piggy cried 'WEE WEE WEE, I need some time of my own!'"

I don't have the cutest feet, but I always feel better about them when they are painted and callous-free. Pedicures were a regular indulgence for me in Portland. Accompanied by a good girlfriend and a trusty Starbucks Latte, I would sit for an hour and have my piggies pampered.

Since I moved to Mass, I had only had one pedicure, and that was paid for by my lovely Oregon friend as a birthday gift. That means that I have gone almost 4 months with only one pedicure! The other morning, I was dying my own hair (another concession since being a SAHM), and dripped some of the "Warm Espresso" dye on my foot. Now, not only were my toes haggard and sad, one of the nails had a large brown stain, making it look as if I had some rare fungus.

I woke up this morning, after my DH let me sleep in until 10am (this seems to be a Saturday routine for those who read about my perfect day before), in a bit of a funk. I spent almost an hour wandering around Target getting a new shower curtain liner, as mine is riddled with mildew. As a splurge, I purchased four new hand towels, two for each bathroom, as I have not purchased handtowels since I was a Junior in poor EB Home towels were starting to look sad after 8 years of dutiful service.

I then decided that I would do what makes the soul feel good, and visited my local nail salon. As soon as I walked in, it felt familiar, yet different. The pedicures were all performed in a back room, where each station has a sheer curtain that can divide them from the others and a small lamp, creating a wonderfully soothing ambiance. I opted for the Spa Pedicure, and sank my tired feet into the warm, whirling water. I set the chair to perform a lower back massage throughout, and prepared myself for a treat.

My pedicurist did an amazing job, using salt scrub, exfoliating cream, then an invigorating mint masque followed by massage oil. Each treatment was applied using a wonderful massage up to the knee, while the technician wore rubber gloves and used sterile tools. It lasted a full hour, and cost only $37!

I got to sit and read the classics; "Us Weekly" "In Touch" and "People" poring over the pictures of McDreamy, Lauren Conrad, TomKat and all the other beautiful people.

After choosing OPI's Double Decker Red for my nails, I sat and let the shiny lacquer dry before getting in my car to head back home, ready to tackle the fun task of cleaning toilets and doing laundry. H was sitting in his booster eating his snack, and looked at my feet, exclaiming "CUTE!"...ahhh...sometimes two year olds are all the self-esteem booster you could ask for.

If you'd like to replicate my experience go to Creative Nail & Spa, located at 50 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA (White City, in the Shaw's parking lot) or call (508) was worth every penny!

Well, better go clean those other t's (tubs and toilets for those not in the know :) )


That Girl said...

I concur! There is absolutely nothing better than a pedicure, celeb magazines, and a latte to make a mom feel good! And I confess it's been two months since my last toes and frazzled nerves are screaming for attention. You've inspired me!

Alex Elliot said...

That sounds fantastic! I had a pedicure that I wasn't too impressed by at a different place 2 weeks ago.