Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lady and the Tramp

May I just say that I was slightly embarassed when I heard the newest term for one of my gotta-have-it-now-that-I live-in-the-big-city-at-the-tender-age-of-23, oh-so-unoriginal (both in theme and placement) tattoos? Yep, the tramp stamp. Can't wait until my boys come home from school realizing that mommy has one...I looked at J the other night and asked "How could you have just stood by and let me get that?!" He didn't even respond beyond his scoff and eye roll, because we both knew it was an asinine question...had he said a thing, it would have been bigger and trampier.
**I should add, however, that one unforeseen advantage has been noted by both anesthesiologists when placing my epidural...that middle flower is dead center for needle insertion.
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LuLu said...

I like your tattoo. :-( I was there when you got it and didn't think it was a bad idea then or now. And you are not a tramp, so that sure as heck isn't your stamp.

Unknown said...

Hi S. I thought of this post this evening and knew I had to tell you my encounter. The daughter and I were lapswimming this evening at the pool and when we got out, an older lady (late 60's/early 70's)was headed to the showers in front of us. We didn't see her again until we were getting dressed and low and behold, she had a playboy bunny tattoo stuck on her outer thigh (I wasn't staring, just merely glanced - I promise). I think a playboy bunny might be a bit juvenile and foolish at 20 but just imagine how foolish that little bunny looks on a 70 year-old. Even if you think of yours as a tramp stamp, you had much better sense and sensibility and chose something a bit more respectful through various ages/stages in your life! :)