Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Circular Logic

It's Day Four of Clifford the Big Black Dog, and I feel so relieved. I was getting pretty nervous about the unknowns of dog ownership, but he's a fantastic companion and the hair issue isn't really much of one. If I wasn't swiffering everyday, I'm sure it would build up and be gross, but so far, it's not so bad. My kids love him, Clifford loves J and we're all happy he's part of our family.

Of course, as of night one my 'I'll Never' of having him in carpeted areas of the house was out the window when he spent the night sleeping by my bed (and every night since). He's a great dog and I feel so good about our decision to make him part of the fam.

Now that's all settled, let's get down to business; knitting. Houston: We have a sweater. After starting the Radiant sweater in March for the Ravelry Knitting Olympics just in time for my sister's birthday, I promptly failed to finish and sent her some custom bookplates from the Expressionery instead. However, once we got settled here, I knew I'd need to start knitting again post haste. With the hats for my friend under control and ready to be assembled, I moved on to getting the body of the sweater knitted so that I could attach the sleeves with the new proposed deadline of my dad's birthday weekend to deliver the sweater to my sister. Also, I found out that Walla Walla has a weekly Stitch 'n Bitch at a coffee shop, so I'll be able to have some dedicated knitting time that will double as time to myself.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far; now I'm just working on decreasing around the yoke and, thanks to an in-the-round construction, I have only two underarm seams to sew upon completion.


Amanda Villagómez said...

I can't wait for my sweater. It is coming along so well!

I am glad that you are confident in your decision to get a dog and that it is all working out well!

Melody said...

the dog is adorb! happy to hear your going to get to get out and meet new knitters and enjoy some time to do that! <3