Friday, January 14, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

A challenge! Darn Knit Anyway's 12 Sweaters in 12 Months is very enticing. While I won't be committing to all 12 sweaters, there were at least 6 of them that I'll be joining along for, starting with February's Owl sweater. It's been in my ravelry queue since I first started my account, so it's the perfect time to make myself take the plunge and just do it already.  My other fave is the Francis Revisited sweater, I'm all about the cowls these days; They hide a multitude of sins!

If you're interested, you just have to comment on her post and she'll set you up with what you need.

And, in case you're wondering about my progress on Tree of Life, I need to do only a miniscule 22 rows per day in order to finish and have three days to complete the border; aye aye aye. There's gonna be a few late nights at the HP house.

1 comment:

Amanda Villagómez said...

Two cute sweaters. I just wore my sweater that you made me again this week and I continue to absolutely love it!