Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bedroom Update

Thanksgiving weekend, I bought some great fabric at JoAnn's in order to finish 'dressing' my bed, and I realized I never posted pictures of the completed fandelier. Good thing, because in the meantime I also got a sweet deal on some pintuck bedding from Target (69.99 for a king comforter and 2 shams, plus free shipping!). Sorry, West Elm...I love you, but I couldn't pass it up!

I still need to make the pillows, but I feel like our room is finally really coming together. I also need to figure out a bedskirt-ish solution to the box spring showing, and a chair in the corner of the room...oh, and staging all of the walls, but really, it ever really 'done'?

Here it is today, with a slightly rumpled bed, and grey skies abounding outside.

And one with  the flash, and the light off. Wow...those walls really need some  bling!

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Amanda Villagómez said...

It looks so nice! I love how the chandelier turned out and the bedding looks great.