Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nursery Rhymes

The cluster of hanging lanterns that doubles as a mobile pays homage to our new town; they remind me of the Balloon Stampede's Night Glow.
When we started thinking about adding another cherub to our brood, one of the things that made me the most excited, shallow as it may be, was the idea of having an actual nursery for the first time. A room that was designated solely for the care and keeping of a babe. No computer, no toddler sharing their space, just a cozy space to nurse, change diapers and simply be for the first year or so of their life. 

Pinterest has been an awesome source of inspiration, and I've managed to pull from several different sources (see source list at the end), did a ton of fun DIY projects, and have created what I think is a really fun but simple room for not a ton of money. 

Here's a little tour, and I hope you like it!

The lanterns are secured with fishing line to medium sized cup hooks, which are installed with drywall anchors.

When we first moved here, a friend was getting rid of her PB Lullaby Rocker FOR FREE. I felt bad taking it for nothing, so I offered a small amount of money, and walked away one happy mama with the chair and ottoman. That chair has had a home in our bedroom, the boys' bedroom and now, the nursery. Since the chair is no longer sold by Pottery Barn, the slipcovers can be tricky to come by. After waiting on ebay for over a year for a white twill one to come up for grabs, I decided to just have one made. It's taken longer than expected, so I'll just reshoot that corner when it comes.

This dresser was given to me for free, so I added two coats of the yellow paint that I had left from my nightstands, and some satin poly. Then I sprayed the drawers out with a bleach/water solution to get rid of the slight mustiness and painted a coat of killz primer on the inner bottoms of the drawers. I then spray-painted the hardware with some white paint I had. I love it when projects are truly free! The changing pad a custom item from etsy.

This shelf has served us well, starting out in our home over H's changing table. A coat (or twenty) of aqua spray paint, and it's good as new.

Among the treasures in the boxes of crap from my youth that my mom made me clear out of her garage, I found this milk carton plaster 'sculpture' I made in Junior High. 

Gallery Wall, finally making use of the photos from the shoot we took as a family last Fall!

I debated whether or not to put this in the baby's room, because it feels very feminine to me. Sweet H to the rescue; 'It's not too girly mom! I'm a boy and my favorite color was pink until last year.'

These are the same curtains that have been in the room all along, but I added a cute bunting to make it look fresh.

I love the fact that this lamp is operated by a foot pedal. 

Remember how you felt in your twenties when you opened the drawer at Victoria's Secret to find a plethora of color for the bra style you wanted? That's how I feel about this:

My cloth diaper stash is being rounded out today with my last (ha! Does it ever really end?!) order of BumGenius arriving today. I will be using a mix of BumGenius 4.0, BumGenius FreeTime and I also ordered a few of the GroVia newborn diapers in case the bG are a little too large at first.

Source List: (more links to be added)

  1. Paint: Wheat Bread by Behr, which I had color-matched to their premium plus-it even covered the bright orange stripes I had from the robot days with the boys. Greys have been very tricky and in my house, the 'greige' family is what ends up looking the most 'grey'. I suggest testing several colors before committing to a gallon.
  2. 16 inch 'J': Wood4Decor on Etsy
  3. Teal Frames: 4-pack of Ombre frames from Target
  4. Teal Clock: Target
  5. Hand 'Family Tree': Handmade
  6. Embroidered ABC Sampler: Handmade
  7. Hanging Paper Lanterns: Cost Plus/World Market Battery Operated Lanterns (a 4-pack each of the blue and yellow and a 3-pack of the multi-shaped white)
  8. Crib: Gulliver from IKEA (please note, it's a SHORT crib, which I ended up really liking)
  9. Crib Bedding: Not a Peep from Land of Nod (sheet and reversible bumper only)
  10. Stuffed Knit Bear: Handmade
  11. Aqua rug: Do Your Room by Wal-Mart
  12. Paper Floor Lamp: Cost Plus/World Market
  13. Rocker: PB Lullaby Rocker with Denim Slipcover (discontinued)
  14. Accent Pillow on chair: Target
  15. Linen swaddler: Aden + Anais
  16. Folding Metal Table: Cost Plus (outdoor table)
  17. Nursing Stool: Kidkraft purchased on amazon
  18. Basket on changing table shelf: Target
  19. Changing Pad Cover: Little Owl's Nest on etsy
  20. White/Grey/Yellow bunting over curtains: Land of Nod
  21. Origami Crane in window: Target (it's actually a plastic napkin holder :))


Anonymous said...

Beautiful nursery! So exciting!!

Nicole Ingersoll said...

Love it all! Especially H's comment about pink being his favorite color....until last year. HA! :)