Sunday, November 16, 2008

Got Talent?

Today, I got to leave the kids with J while I attended Mass alone. This means that I basically heard the homily for the first time. The parable of the talents was used, and the church came up with a plan to help encourage the use of ours. Each family that wishes to participate was given $50 to invest in their talents for three months; be it the purchase of rakes and bags to rake leaves for a donation or purchasing the ingredients to whip up a batch of yummy desserts for a bake sale, the intention is to make that $50 grow so it can be used for donation to charity. If people decide to make something with their 'seed money', they have the option to participate in a group bazaar on March 1st.

I have decided to participate with trepidation. Obviously I intend to do something with knitting, but also thought about offering to make desserts to order. With the busy holiday season coming soon and parties galore to attend. People don't want to go empty-handed, and how nice would it be to have a home-made dessert in the same time it takes to dash into the store? We'll see how it goes. I'll just be happy as long as I have the $50 to give back!

On another note, I've decided that it's time to jump into the pool of making adult garments with both feet. This summer I sewed the two shirts that didn't fall apart when I washed them. I've made several baby sweaters and hats, inched forward to the completed pair of socks, and then decided to just do it already when I got the LionBrand notebook email announcing that the sweater I've been wanting to knit for quite awhile is their new knit along. Before I could let my insecurities take over, I pushed the 'purchase' button on the cart that held the yarn that my first little sweater (Cable Luxe Tunic to be exact) will make. Why, you might ask, would she not choose an easy pull-over for her first attempt? Oh, silly, what would be the fun in that?!

Knowing the curse of making a sweater for someone else, I've decided to make this sweater for myself. Hopefully, I can get my head and arms through the appropriate holes and that it provides more than humorous anecdotes for this blog.


Carol said...

The photo is the tunic you will be knitting? That is a gorgeous design. I hope that you enjoy creating it--and wearing it!

Good luck with the Talents project.

Mommy to Tyler & Kendall said...

I was hoping the picture on the post was what you were going to make/sell for your talent project. I was ready to buy!