Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote of Confidence

Today while I was preparing a PB and J to take along with us to the park, H asked for his copy of the daily agenda.

I told him that we were going to go to the Fire Station first so that I could vote. After he donned his fire helmet and Dalmatian rain boots, he asked about the concept of voting. I know that it all went right over his head, but I thought it was a great chance to start our very first dialogue about civic duty. Yes, my three year old and I had a conversation about civic duty. I am definitely a person that needs daily adult contact.

I remembered accompanying my dad to the Music Room at my school (our voting location), and the curtain-covered booths always seemed very mysterious. I couldn't WAIT until I was old enough to stand behind that curtain. By the time I turned 18, mail-in ballots were prevalent in Oregon, so this was my first time participating in an in-person voting situation and it was kind of exciting. (I know, giant dork.)

Voting complete, I met friends for coffee and then we went to the park and that part of my fantasy where I read my book and H plays gently with others was fulfilled. The part that wasn't in my fantasy was when I reached home with two sleeping children, deposited them in bed and then went to read more of my latest library find only to realize that I'd LEFT IT ON TOP OF MY CAR when putting H in his car seat at the park.

I'll be going back to search for it when naps are over, but I hope someone will fulfill their civic duty and return my book to the library if they find it on the ground! Dissapointing for more than just the money I'll have to spend, but also because it was a really good book that I was half-way through and it was on my New Classics Challenge list.
Just and FYI...today, if you vote, you can get a free drip coffee at Starbucks!

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Crafty Mama said...

I left a really good book at the doctor's office once. On a Friday, no less!

Starbucks rocks.