Friday, May 1, 2009

Just Another Manic Meet-Up

If you've not yet heard of, or used MeetUp, you're missing out on the next big social revolution. Unlike a lot of the 'social networking' tools out there these days, this one actually is designed to make folks meet in person. I know! What a concept! I'd begun to feel like the days between planned events for my mom's group lacked motivation to get out there and do, so I remembered the site that I'd found while living in Portland, and the knitting group I never made it to.

The first Meetup I joined here was the Hook and Needlers knitting group I talked about earlier...time for me. Then I joined Outdoorsy Families so that we would be forced to get out and be physical instead of solely going to the gym. Then I found a Foodie Meetup...right up my alley. My mother's group decided to host a Meetup page to attract new members so I joined that, and then I joined a second Mamas and Munchkins group so that I'd never have a dull moment!

I literally can look at the calender on any given day and between the groups I'm in and the friends I already have I can pick between multiple things to do every. single. day. Then, of course, the beauty of staying at home with the kids is that, if the fancy strikes me I can, well, stay at home.

H and I have been getting along a lot better for the most part because I think I've just exhausted the fight right out of him. Well, really, I think that he's just as social and busy as I am so I've finally started to fill up his little social butterfly and get out your wiggles cup. We've had something to do each morning this week, with afternoons set aside for nap and quiet time. Hmm. Quiet time. Now there's a joke. Seriously, what Stepford mommy made up that impossible standard to which all other mothers must keep their kids? I don't know about you guys, but H's idea of quiet is to play the xylophone not-quite-as-loudly as normal.

On a side note. I have the most exciting meet-up coming this summer. I got offered plane tickets by my aunt and sister so that I get to go home for the FamilyCircus Reunion and celebrate my, as H would say, Dirty Firty, at the local bars in the town where I grew up. With all my sisters, my childhood friends, and my best friend is coming from Ptown too! Looks like a Gin and Tonic Smack from Benchwarmers will be high on my list that night!

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Crafty Mama said...

I love meetup! You know that I belong to the Hooks and Needlers, I joined Mamas and Munchkins about a year ago and I also belong to the Mamas over 30 one too. (Not quite time yet for you...but soon! :) I also used to belong to a Spanish Language meetup but never seemed to be able to make the meetings. The concept of meeting people in person is a cool one.

Hope you have a fantastic birthday trip!!