Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, No You Di-ahn't!

Today I got the following email from my pals at "As someone who has shown an interest in "Twilight"-related items, you might be interested in our Amazon-exclusive "Twilight" limited-edition trading card set. Quantities are limited, so pre-order your set today!"

Not only are there playing cards, but you can order your very own music box that plays "Bella's Lullaby"...OMG are you FKM?! (I think I made up FKM, but it may actually be an acronym already in existence to mean just what I wanted it to...use your imaginations...)

I'm so glad that Amazon is able to discern between the late-twenties women who just want to enjoy their first fantasy/vampire series even though they know it's written for tweens and have to broach the topic tentatively with other moms at the playground in case they are seen as pervy or silly for liking them and freaks that would order playing cards and music boxes inspired by said tomes!

Seriously. Maybe I should return my Megan McCafferty books to the library? I think I'm being profiled for my literature selections of late. I may have walked around NYC muttering quotes from SATC at every turn when a real-life image brought them to mind, but I don't wear a replica of Carrie's horseshoe necklaces, so I sure as heck will not be wearing an 'Edward's Wristcuff' replica either!
Unlike the time I went crimson after baggin on (pun intended) the New England phenomenon that is Vera Bradley to a friend that, unbeknownst to me, owned several I will not hesitate to mock you endlessly if you purchase any above-mentioned items outside the context of a bad practical joke.

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That Girl said...

I share your puzzlement at these things. And (even though this was just a tiny piece of your post) the Vera Bradley thing totally resonated. When I first got to VA, and most especially the University, I could not for the life of me figure out why all these young women were carrying around "granny bags," as I called them. And then at one point I thought, "One of those would make a good knitting bag!" I finally asked one of my younger girlfriends who graduated from UVa what the deal was...yeah, I still don't get it.