Monday, February 25, 2008

Testing the Waters (Maybe TMI)

I've been swimming at the Y with regularity for about the last month now. On one occasion I asked my friend Alex, who used to swim competitively, if she had ever had some water come back out of her "area", particularly after a day with lots of breast stroke action. She laughed and reported that she had, in fact, experienced that. I remembered from my college days in the pool that I had sometimes had it happen as well, so didn't worry that it was anything pregnancy related.

Well, today, I swam as usual, took my shower, and was getting ready. I leaned over to put lotion on and stood back up to find a gush of warm water...hmmm. I thought it was a little much, but didn't put much stock in it, as it had happened before.

I leaned to put on my undies, and when I stood up again...more water. Now, this was just getting embarassing. I was next to several 'Silver Sneakers', and didn't want them to think that I was wetting myself as it was now running down my legs, so I tactfully made my way to the toilets.

After I was able to get things under control, I collected H from Child Watch, and called my friend Alex, to joke about my V water incident. She gasped back "Did you break your water?" Uhhhhhh, I don't think so...(in my head; shite! Did I break my water?!) As I am only 28 weeks, I knew that it was not my water breaking, not only because it was far too early, but because if it did, I would be up s creek without a paddle since my nearest relative lives in the mid-west, the rest living in Oregon.

She offered to come to my house immediately to watch H while I went to the doctor. Uh, I had not even called my doctor's office yet, and was driving home from the Y (fine, from McDonald's where I got H a Happy Meal).

I asked if I should even call my doctor, and she adamantly said that I needed to. I felt so dumb..."Hi, I was swimming and a bunch of pool water just leaked out of my camel hump." Alas, after consulting with the doctor, it was determined that I needed to head to the hospital to get checked out. Lame. Super Lame. I knew that it was nothing, but also knew that if it were something, I'd be a giant asshole for not doing what I was supposed to, so arranged for Alex to come over then headed to the big L and D.

On the way, I paged J and when I talked with him I started crying, which I'm sure was very reassuring. I promised I would call him when I knew anything for sure, but that I was certain it was nothing.

After providing my "clean catch", and getting the lube squirted on my belly, I was happily hooked to the monitor waiting for the doctor to pay me a visit. I heard the girl, emphasis on girl, next to me, and began to reminisce about my days at work. I felt silly coming in for a gush of warm water, but this girl and her "chaperone" were debating amongst themselves if she should get an ultrasound since 'you don't even know how far along you are' and had not yet seen a doctor. She thought she was around TWENTY weeks, and had fallen down four stairs the prior evening, followed by bleeding and cramping.


The nurse then brought my urine sample and plopped it next to me, stating that we needed to keep our own. I slammed into OCD overdrive, asking several times if she was sure it was my sample, thinking to myself that the last thing I needed was to get my pee mixed up with 'I-don't-know-my-baby-daddy's'. The nurse smiled and assured me it was mine, stating that was why she brought it to me just then. Whew...crisis averted, one less worry about a visit from social services!

So, long story short, all's well that ends well, I'm locked up like Fort Knox, and told the nurse I'd see her in a couple of months. Not only did I feel silly for going in...I felt a little gross because seriously, what kind of a cavern holds that much water just from a 30-minute swim?
P.S. After all this, I forgot to include that today was the first day that I wore my swim cap. Imagine if you will a pumpkin on a log, and you have what my head looked like on my body with no hair to balance it out...maybe the water was my body's way of rejecting the ridiculous cap.

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Alex Elliot said...

Alright so maybe I was a tad bit pushy, but I still am glad that you went to see your doctor. Why don't those pregnancy books tell you the really important things you need to know like this?