Sunday, September 28, 2008

Disappointing, At Best...

I went to see The Women tonight with my mom's group for our movie club. While I was thrilled to be out on my own and love going to the movies, I was really expecting more from my girl Meg after not seeing her in anything for so long. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the chick flick, but there was just something off and a little contrived about it all.

There were a lot of big names aside from Meg Ryan; Annette Bening, Candice Bergen, Cloris Leachman, Debra Messing, Eva Mendes (actually gave a pretty great performance), Bette Middler, Jada Pinkett-Smith (worst performance she's ever given), Carrie 'Princess Leia' Fisher for Christ's sake and the list goes on and on...

It felt almost like they were doing a parody, but then just when you thought it was completely lame they'd have a fairly genuine scene where the dialogue flowed smoothly, building momentum and then...What? Why is this happening here? It's not like I went there expecting the next Schindler's List but again, Bitch, Please! It's an update of a 1939 George Cukor movie, and I've come to the conclusion that some things are better left alone.

There was cool aspect that I didn't think about until it was over...there was not a single male actor...I mean no pictures, voices, extras, nothing. The only male character was the baby born at the end (believe me, I'm not spoiling anything. If you're watching the movie and you don't see that one coming, well then...draw your own conclusion of what I think of you.) You're also a little thick if you don't see that the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty is a sponsor of the movie...who has a bottle of anti-aging cream next to their hand sitting perfectly face up as they're writing an apology note?!
After all the disappointment with the movie, Ms Ryan did not fail to deliver the perfect hair, yet again...I found myself thinking "Would I look good with a spiral perm and long hair?"

In the end, was it worth the money? Sure. But only because I really like going to the movies, and eating greasy popcorn and paying $4 for a small Diet Coke. If I only went to the movies a couple times a year would you still be happy? Probably not...I'd advise you to wait until Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist comes out. Michael Cera has yet to disappoint!


Crafty Mama said...

I find that whenever you get a cast of a lot of big names, the movie usually is a flop. Something about all of those a-listers vying for the camera's attention.

SATC was out on DVD last week---did you get it already? :)

LuLu said...

I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist with Heidi 3 weeks ago with free preview passes and it was awesome. So hilarious! I just saw Burn After Reading and that movie is just lame in comparison. Go Michael Cera!

Alex Elliot said...

I'm not feeling so bad that I didn't make it to movie club last night!