Monday, September 8, 2008

The Next Big Thing!

My friend Alex asked me today if I would knit mittens for OS and YS. She described what she wanted and I set off to find the perfect pattern (read: easy, yet will look impressive). I found this pattern at Crossroad Knits and busily set about finding even more perfect yarn at KnitPicks.

I love starting a new project. The possibilities are endless and the do-overs or thrown balls of gnarled yarn don't yet exist, so there's a general sense of warm fuzzies every time you imagine yourself sitting on the couch peacefully making the next big thing (which I will naturally mass-produce and retire with the proceeds).

Alex has become my BS sponsor; I can't just talk about some project that I'm working on, because she actually expects progress and an eventual finished project to ooh and ahh over. She's the entire reason I got those shirts done this summer when, after asking about them on three different occasions and my response was still "I've got all the pieces cut out!", she just smiled and nodded (No Judgement!*). Fine! I'll finish it!

The pressure's on, because I'm getting the distinct impression the mittens would best serve her children before winter ends.
*SATC reference, of course!


That Girl said...

I can totally relate. I started a knitting project about a month ago and I've restarted it about 4 times. Last night I picked it up yet again determined to get it right and get it done. It must be finished before a certain event in March!

Alex Elliot said...

I think they'll be fantastic! In fact maybe you can start doing custom orders.