Thursday, February 26, 2009

Delusions of Garner

Today I decided to take the kids to the play space at Natick Mall to shake up the usual train-table-at-Barnes-and-Noble-or-NAZ-at-the-Y routine that this New England weather forces upon us. Oh yeah, and also because I wanted to go to the Trader Joe's in Framingham (as opposed to the one here) because it's one of the very few grocery stores in Massachusetts that sells beer and wine; although it is pretty awesome to take your kids into the liquor store with you.

While driving along Route 9 and passing through Framingham and on to Natick, my mind started wandering to a place that it often goes when I'm feeling especially good about my ho-hum at-home mom life; my chance meeting with Jennifer Garner.

Oh yes. Every so often, I'll see a photo of her and Violet at a "local park" while they're in the Boston area, and I think what if?! In my version of events, I'd be having one of those perfect days where H is listening and I'm the uber mom who goes down the slide with him and C would be his cute chubby self along for the ride in whatever shenanigans Hank and I decided to get up to.

Then she would spot me...feeling nostalgic for the simple life (as all celeb-moms do, I'm sure) she'd approach me and we'd click; engaging in a witty repartee one thing would lead to another and we'd be grabbing a quick latte together as I gave her advice on the transition to mother-of-two. Yes, she's got Seraphina now, too. Of course I know that, because I shamelessly read the 'bump-watch' articles in US Weekly, In Touch and People.
H fell asleep in the back seat and would be awakened for nothing so I turned the Garner Express around and headed back home. Still in my fantasy land, I was snapped out of me reverie by the sound of flowing liquid...

That's right, folks, nothing brings you back to your humble reality like projectile vomiting from your eight-month old. He was yawning and drifting off, then whammo! bleh, bleh, bleh and he fell right asleep. No muss, no fuss. Ahh, to be a baby.

I guess my chance encounter with Ms Affleck will have to wait one more day.

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