Friday, September 11, 2009

Like a Horse and Carriage...Sort of...

Since my jam session turned out so well, I've decided I'll do two more canning projects; applesauce and diced tomatoes...two things we go through pretty consistently here. Like the potato masher I realized I was lacking when it came time to gather supplies for jam, I realized I don't have that little serrated thing-y that removes the tops from tomatoes (aparrently it's called a shark?) So I went to amazon, because it's my go-to site with all the giftcards I have and found the perfect tool. Now I'll also be able to create those hollowed out watermelons that look like a basket! (Kidding, I won't ever actually do that.) But, imagine my surprise when Amazon prompted me to purchase the additional 'frequently paired' item:

"Frequently Bought Together: Customers buy this item with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Widescreen Edition) DVD ~ Daniel Radcliffe


Price For Both: $18.48 "

Really? Are Harry Potter sales doing that poorly now? Or are HP fans also crazy melon baller/tomato sharkers?


Gloria said...

hee hee hee! Being a HP fan myself, I have never felt the need to melon ball or carve a melon basket or take the tops off of tomatoes when watching a movie... maybe its just me!

BTW what part of MA are you from?? I'm from Leominster, and I'm 30something too!... small world

Sally HP said...

Hi Gloria,

Not too far, then...we're in Central Mass.