Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hey, Santa!

On Christmas Eve we spent an evening of food and fun, eating Gino's East chicago-style deep-dish pizzas, drinking some great Pinot and basking in the glow that is six children playing for two hours without incident.

When we got home, J quickly bathed the kids and got them ready for bed as I started on stocking #2. We'd already threatened H with the outcome of Santa not arriving with his gifts if he didn't stay in his own bed, so felt fairly confident he'd stay there all night. I let H stay up long enough to pick out the order of his stripes on his stocking and then off to bed he went.

Mid-stocking J decided to order an on-demand movie. I can't remember the last time we were both home to watch a movie, so I was excitedly finishing up my project so I could snuggle (no, we don't have a Snuggie with which to snuggle) up with a glass of wine and watch a feel-good flick with my husband.

From my sewing station at the table, I heard the opening dialogue...'What movie did you pick?!' To which J answered with a half-hidden smile 'You don't want to know.' Ummm, yes, yes I do. This isn't some obscure Netflix movie you've sequestered yourself upstairs with headphones to view...this is our Christmas Eve get-us-in-the-feelgood-mood-to-be-elves movie.

Orrrr Drag Me To Hell. Yep, my lovely husband chose the new Sam Raimi movie for us to ring in the holiday cheer. I was immediately incensed. Then, I walked over to look at the opening credits; wait! Justin Long is in it? Hm, maybe it won't be half-bad. Once he told me that it was part of the Evil Dead saga I acquiesced because I actually like that genre of campy horror, and it was hilarious!

I think we've started a new family tradition; get the kids to bed then watch a blood-spurting, bile and innards spewing horror-comedy. After all, nothing gets you in the mood to celebrate the birth of Christ like a movie with Hell in the title. (sorry, Mom)

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Crafty Mama said...

Hey, maybe they have Christmas in never know. ;)