Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silk Stockings

Last night, I finally dug out all the fabric that I'd purchased last year in order to make the quilt-as-you go Christmas stockings from Quilting 101 that my sister-in-law had given me. Of course, I bought it thinking 'I have a whole year to make these, this will be fantastic!' So, of course, I'm making them on the eve of Christmas Eve. (That is, until I realized I'd actually purchased it during Christmas 2007 as I was pregnant with Charlie at the fact, I didn't even know he was a Charlie yet.)

Although the prep was a little bit tedious and took about two hours, the actual construction of the stocking, including the cuff, was about 45 minutes. Constructed by stitching three-inch strips of fabric in an intentionally haphazard way to a backing fabric that already has batting fused to it, each stocking is comprised of two panels that are then sewn together and turned inside out after adding a cuff. At 1:30 am after I successfully turned out my first stocking, I decided to call it a night and put things back in their place until Charlie's nap today.

Sometime between cupcake and macaroon-making, store runs, gift-wrapping and, oh yeah, showering, I'll have three more lovely stockings so that we actually have something to stuff tonight! I'm pretty pleased with the final product. The fact that it actually looks like the picture just shows that it's a pretty idiot proof method...try it for yourself!

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