Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rhapsody in Blue

While I didn't get the Gold Medal, I have made significant progress. The sleeves are the pieces sitting to the sides, they're on stitch holders waiting to be joined to the body and worked in the round all together at the yoke. You can see the little increase stitches, and they are at the point that would be the side seams. While this may take the next week to finish, I really love that it's in the round, which mean it's just knit, knit, purling, no counting, it's great! Now that I'm past the side increases, I'm in the home stretch until I add the arms and start the yoke pattern. I sense an accomplishment coming on!
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Crafty Mama said...

Such a pretty shade of blue. Where did you get that row counter? I've been looking for one like it. Joann's didn't have it, and neither did AC Moore.

Kate said...

Nice work! And I'm curious about the row counter too!

Sally HP said...

Actually, I have two of them; one that came with the clover starter kit, and the other I bought separately. I bought them both from Jo-Anne's, they're with all the needles.